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Dr. Moreau

ENC 1102

Wednesdays  --Section  20101

7:00 - 9:45

Building 18, Room 216

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Office Hours:  M W, 6:30 by appointment

PrerequisiteCompletion of ENC 1101 with a grade of “C” or better. This course meets Area I requirements for the A.A./A.S. general education requirements. This course encompasses grammar and diction review, literary elements and literary analysis, as well as work with both primary and secondary sources using the MLA format of research.

Text and MaterialsThe Norton Introduction to Literature   Eleventh edition, (shorter version)  Kelly J. Mays  (If you get the larger versions, that is fine also) and  Little, Brown Handbook (optional, but useful!)

Attendance:  Attendance is mandatory, due to the workshop nature of this course. More than three hours of absence will seriously jeopardize your grade. Students who miss class are expected to keep up with the work and be prepared for class upon return. Missed in-class work may not be made up. Please note that I do not distinguish between excused and unexcused absences, except in the case of school -related activities. Class will begin on time and you are expected to arrive on time. You may earn up to 20 extra points for perfect attendance (including no tardiness). You may miss up to ONE class for this semester, but you will be penalized 20 points for each absence after that. Attendance makes up 10% of your final grade! Additionally, you will lose 10 points for each 1/4 hour that you are late to class. Texting will also result in a loss of points. Please keep personal use of both cell phones and laptops to a minimum. You owe it to yourself to be fully present while in this course.

Withdrawal Policy:  In accordance with State College of Florida, as stated in the college catalog, students may withdraw from any course or all courses without academic penalty of an “F” by the withdrawal deadline, as listed in the State College of Florida academic calendar. For this semester that deadline is March 25th. Students should take the responsibility to initiate the withdrawal procedure but are strongly encouraged to talk with their instructors before taking any withdrawal action. In addition, students should note that faculty may also withdraw students for violating policies, procedures, or conditions of the class, as outlined in the individual syllabus, and such action could affect financial aid eligibility.

Grade Point Breakdown: 

Attendance@ 10 points each = 150 pts

20 Card Reports @ 20 points each = 400 pts

3 tests @ 100 points each = 300 pts

2 rough drafts of essays (fiction and drama) = 30 pts

3 Final drafts of essays (fiction, drama, and poetry) = 150 pts

1 Poetry presentation = 25 pts

Class quizzes and questions = 150 pts

Grades:  Assignments add up to a maximum of 1200 points by the end of the semester. Your final grade for this course will be calculated as follows:  

1080 – 1200 + A; 960 – 1079 = B; 840 – 955 = C; 720 – 839 = D; and anything below 708 = F.

January 14:  Course Introduction; Syllabus overview: Introduction to Fiction, literary elements in fiction. Class activity to introduce yourselves.  (haha!)

Index Card to the instructor to serve as writing sample. This card must include your name, what you do for a living (if anything), and a number where you can be reached. Then, you must include your personal definition of literature, supported with your reasons and/or examples.


January 14:  Introduction to the textbook in class:  “What is Literature?”  (see chapter on this). Other readings in class, TBA. Handout for writing assignments. Discussion of Fiction Card Reports and how to complete them on assigned readings. Discussion of Literary Elements and their purpose in literature. In class tonight, we will also read “Conversations with my father” and discuss the different ideas/expectations that readers have about fictional stories. Think about how your own experiences in life shape your responses to characters’ experiences in a story. We will practice writing a Card Report using this story in class.

Assigned reading:  To prepare for the next class, read “The Country Husband”, “The Jewelry”, “Cathedral”, “The Rocking Horse Winner” and “Roman Fever”. Read the section on Irony, Narration, and Point of View in your text, concentrating on the assigned work. Complete THREE Card Reports on any of these stories, for next class. Other selections, TBA.

January 21:  Discussion of assigned readings. We will also be focusing on various literary elements, such as Historical Context, Symbolism, and setting, as it appears in literature. We will also discuss Southern Gothic Fiction and its author.

Assigned Reading:  For next time, read “A Rose for Emily”,  “A Good Man is Hard to Find”, and “Barn Burning.” THREE Card Reports are due on these stories.

January 28:  Discussion of Assigned readings.  Handout for Fiction Paper with samples of writing in response to literature.

Assigned Reading:  For next time, read  “Araby”, “A Hunger Artist”, “Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge”  and “Story of an Hour”. Card Reports are due next class on TWO of these stories. Also, additional readings on all of the literary elements, TBA

February 4:  Discussion of assigned readings. Discussion of literary analysis techniques, also known s Critical Approaches (see page 1906  +).  For next time, read “The Lady with the Dog”, “The Yellow Wallpaper”, and “Bartleby the Scrivener”. Card Reports are due on TWO of these stories.

February 11:  Discussion of assigned readings. Rough draft of fiction paper due. You need to have a draft to workshop with another student in the class and receive approval from me to receive your points. Review for Fiction exam.

February 18:  Fiction Essays due. Fiction Exam.

Assigned Reading:  We will be studying Drama next!  Read the section on “Drama” in your textbook. ALSO:  For next time, read ““Raisin in the Sun.” Don’t forget to get a handout of the Drama Card Report, which is different than the Fiction Card Report. Card Report on “Raisin in the Sun” is due next class. Also, be ready to take a quiz on “Raisin in the Sun” at the beginning of class. You will not be able to take the quiz after 7:05. Other readings, TBA.

February 25:  Discussion of assigned readings. We will start with the “Drama” introduction. We will also read and discuss  “Trifles” in class.  “Raisin in the Sun” Card Report due. Discussion on historical context.

Assigned Reading:  For next class, read the Greek play “Antigone”. Complete a Card Report on this play to turn in for next class.

March 4:  Discussion of “Antigone” and card report due. We will discuss how drama fits into the genre of literature. Discussion of Greek Tragedy and the Sophocles Trilogy. Activity on this play, TBA!

Assigned Reading:  For next class, read “A Streetcar Named Desire” and “The Cherry Orchard.”  Complete Card Report on both of these plays. Also, be sure to get a handout for the Drama paper. Rough drafts of the play of your choice due next class, which is in two weeks!


March 18:  Discussion of assigned readings.  Workshop for Drama papers. Discussion of Thesis Statements again.

Assignment:  Final drafts due next class. Be sure to get a copy of the Take Home Drama Exam, due next class.

March 25:  Drama paper and Drama exam due. Introduction to Poetry. In class, we will read “Introduction to Poetry” in your text.  We will also read “I Hear America Singing”, and compare it to “I, Too”.  We will also read “How Do I Love Thee”  and compare it to “Tally Stick”.  Then, we will read “Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone” and a student’s response paper to that poem. Handout of Poetry Card Reports. Other readings, TBA.

Assigned Reading:  For next time, read “My Last Duchess”, “Ode on a Grecian Urn”, “Ode on a Grecian Urn Summarized”, “This is just to Say”, “The Lake Isle of Innisfree”), and “Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers”. TWO Card Reports  on either “My Last Duchess”, “Ode on a Grecian Urn” or “Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers” are due next class. Discussion on response to poetry.

April 1:  Discussion of assigned readings. Handout on poetry paper.  Workshop on introductory paragraphs and sample papers.

Assigned Reading:  “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night”,  “Because I Could Not Stop For Death”, “Dulce et Decorum Est”, and “Woodchucks”.  THREE Card Reports due on these poems.

April 8:  Discussion of assigned readings.  For next time, read “Daddy”  and related readings in your textbook. A Card Report on “Daddy” is due next class. Additional poems, to be announced.

April 15:  Discussion of Sylvia Plath’s literary work. Handout of poetry writing assignment. Other related poems, to be announced.

Assigned Reading:  Read “The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock” and related readings in your textbook. A Card Report of this poem is due next class. See handout on this poem.

April 29:  Discussion of assigned reading:  Love song of J. Alfred Prufrock. Group activities on this poem in class.  Students will get their handouts for the group presentations and work on presentations (25 pts) and the poetry paper  tonight in class. You must have a written plan for your paper and presentation before leaving class tonight. Remember, the poetry presentation and the paper must be a group project!

May 6:  Poetry Presentations tonight. Final Exam on Poetry at 8:00.








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