Course Syllabus

Principles of Macroeconomics


This course meets Area III requirements for the A.A. general education requirements, and part of the six-hour international/intercultural requirement. The foundations of economic analysis, theories of economic growth and stabilization, monetary, and fiscal policy, international trade and economic development are presented in this course.


ECO 2013 – Summer A 2015

Assistant Professor:  Kristen L. Zaborski

Department of Math, Science, Business & Technology

Office:  Bldg. 600, Room 604 (Venice Campus)


Office Phone #:  (941) 408-1483


Office Hours: Virtual at various times within Canvas using email.


Department of Business Web Page:



Economics second edition in modules by Krugman & Wells.  Published by Worth.  The text, at the bookstore, is a 3-hole punch version.  Note: The textbook is on reserve at the ARC (Academic Resource Center, Venice campus) and the library (Venice campus).  ISBN13: 9781429287319 or ISBN10: 1429287314.

Grading Policy

1) All tests/exams are delivered “online” through Canvas and will emphasize applying the concepts and analytic approaches developed in the course.

2) All tests/exams are scheduled on the outline below.  You will be able to take the test/exam at any time on the scheduled day/days.  However, there will be a time limit for each exam.  This means that once you begin taking the online exam, the computer starts a timer and will close the exam when the time limit expires.  The amount of time will be announced later.  You will have a running time clock to let you know your time remaining.  I do not expect the exams to take the entire time, but some students like to use the entire time.  I will email you more about the exams, including review, as the exam dates approach.

3) Module Self-Test Quizzes are due by Sunday night at 11:59pm each week.

4) Discussion forums are due by Thursday night at 11:59pm each week. You are required to post a response to each weekly discussion forum.

5) The grading scale is a standard 10% scale with 90% - 100 earning an A, 80% - 89% earning a B, 70% - 79% earning a C, 60% - 69% earning a D and below 60% an F. Note: Students who do not take the final exam will receive a WF.

6) If you are having a computer-related problem within Canvas, contact Canvas support immediately to resolve the issue. Notify me after you have notified Canvas with an update.

Make-up Policv

There are NO make-ups for the tests/exams or any assignments.

Weight Distribution:

Module Self-Test Quizzes


Exams (3)


Final Exam

Discussion Forums




Although online courses primarily require independent learning, you will still be required to participate in "class."  Students are required to post a response to the discussion forums each week by Thursday night at 11:59pm. Students are required to submit Module self-test quizzes by Sunday night at 11:59pm each week. Interaction with the instructor and other students should prove beneficial, as you can clarify your understanding of the concepts and discuss alternative applications of an idea.  Students also seem to be comforted when they learn that others in the class are struggling with a concept that they find perplexing. Note: Students who do not log into the course or submit assignments for one week will be cut from the course and will receive a WF. If you do not take the required comprehensive final exam, you will receive a WF regardless of what your current average in the class is. This is college policy.

Academic Integrity

A fundamental principle of academic, business and community life is honesty.  Violation of this ethical concept will result in penalties ranging from a grade of “F” in the course to dismissal from the College.  In all penalties, a letter of fact will be included in the student's file.  The use of unauthorized material, communication with another student during an examination, attempting to benefit from the work of other students, or attempting to aid another student, and other similar behaviors which defeat the purpose of examinations and individual assignments is unacceptable.  Violation of these standards is a serious offense and shall result in disciplinary actions allowed by the College. (see current SCF Catalog).

Statement of Plagiarism: Plagiarism is the use of ideas, facts, opinions, illustrative material, data, direct or indirect wording of another scholar and/or writer—professional or student—without giving proper credit. Expulsion, suspension, or any lesser penalty may be imposed for plagiarism.

Standards of Conduct:

Students are expected to abide by all Student Handbook guidelines.

Course Management

Distance Learning is self-directed learning.  It requires a high level of responsibility, dedication and self-discipline on the part of the student.  In this course, you are responsible for your own work, your own progress and your own grade.  In order to succeed, you need to log in to the course at the beginning of each week to check announcements, participate in discussions and access course content.  So please, try to stay on track!


Questions directed to me should be sent to me via an email in Canvas. For immediate response, please email me at

Material provided each week:

  1. Chapter Reading Assignments and announcements
  2. PowerPoint presentations and videos
  3. Discussion forums and Module Self-Test Quizzes
  4. Helpful websites and flashcards
  5. Pictures of graphs and real-world examples on my educational Instagram account @insta_graph_
  6. My economics blog


Communication Courtesy Code.  All members of the class are expected to follow rules of common courtesy in all email messages, threaded discussions and chats.  If I deem any of them to be inappropriate or offensive, I will forward the message to the Chair of the department and the online administrators and appropriate action will be taken, not excluding expulsion from the course.

Deadlines.  Odd things happen in cyberspace; emails get lost, servers disconnect temporarily, and logins fail.  Do not wait for the last minute to do your work.  Allow time to meet deadlines.  Reply and check for replies on every email sent and received.  You are responsible for getting the work done on time.

Late Work.  I strongly recommend that students keep up with assignments each week and not wait until the last minute. Late work will not be accepted.

Help Desk.  For technical problems like not being able to view a page, slowness issues, problems viewing video or hearing audio, things not working as they should, contact Canvas Support (available 24/7).

Email Policies and Procedures

General email.  In all emails and other correspondence sent to me and/or other members of our class, please identify yourself fully by name, not simply by an email address. Keep all email correspondence within the Canvas learning management system!

Responding to email.  I will check my email daily, and will make every effort to respond within a 24-hour time period. Please make sure that all email sent to me include both a proper greeting and closing. Sending email is different than sending text messages.

Safeguards.  Back up your work on a USB drive and/or make a hard copy. If you experience computer difficulties, you are responsible for solving your own technical problems.

Important Information:

  • All Tests will be delivered online through Canvas including discussion forums and self-test quizzes.
  • Please check Canvas periodically.

Course Outline

Week of (begins on Monday)


Module and/or Readings

Weekly Assignments

Module Self-Test Quizzes and Discussion Forums

Online Tests delivered on Canvas

May 18th


Welcome to the course! Complete the syllabus quiz by this Sunday night at 11:59pm.



May 18th


Module 1, 2, 4, 5


Module Self-Test Quizzes and

Discussion Forum


May 22nd



Last day to drop a course and receive a refund.



May 25th


Module 6, 7, 8

Module Self-Test Quizzes and

Discussion Forum

Test 1 (covers Modules 1,2,4,5,6,7,8) Sat. May 30-Sun. May 31

June 1st


Module 11,12,13,14


Module Self-Test Quizzes and

Discussion Forum


June 8th




June 12th




Module 15,16,17,18




Last day to withdraw from a course and receive no academic grade penalty.

Module Self-Test Quizzes and

Discussion Forum

Test 2 (covers Modules 11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18) Sat. June 13-Sun. June 14

June 15th


Module 19,20,21,22

Module Self-Test Quizzes and

Discussion Forum


June 22nd


Module 23,25,26,27

Module Self-Test Quizzes and

Discussion Forum due Thursday, June 25th by 11:59pm (Summer A classes end)

Test 3 (covers Modules 19,20,21,22,23,25,26,27) Thursday, June 25th

June 26-28


Comprehensive Final Exam


Opens Fri. June 26-Sun. June 28


June 29


Summer A ends




























































Bonus Opportunity:

Follow me on Instagram @ insta_graph_ and receive 10 bonus points to be added to your lowest regular test grade. Note: This is an educational Instagram account that includes graphs, and real-world examples.











Course Summary:

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